FDick 10 inch Sharpening Steel DICK DIAMANT 2K OVAL Diamond Coated

Brand: FDick

Model: 73203-25-75

Sharpening Steels with 2K handle

Slip-proof surface, even when wet or greasy.

Ergonomic handle with distinct finger guard reliable, recognized F. DICK sharpening steel blades Hygienic and safe.

Meets food regulation requirements.

The Dick Diamant is designed for high abrasion to quickly and efficiently reestablish an edge on a dull knife.

The oval shape provides a large area of contact with the blade, and the diamond coating creates a steel more aggressive than even a Rough Cut.

Recommended for use either when a toothy edge is all that is needed, or as an initial step to be used before a Standard or Fine Cut steel is employed to finish a knife.

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